Quotes from the 2017 Winners – Beviss & Beckingsale

Friday, July 21, 2017

By Monique Bertoni

We had heard about the 2016 Awards, but, as is often the way, we simply didn’t get round to preparing an application for that year.  Having read about the success of those awards we thought that we should get involved this time around and gave some thought to the categories which would apply to us.  Our firm is split across four offices and in recent years we have been trying to do more to bring those offices together by emphasising a set of common values. We therefore decided to enter the Law Firm of the Year (1-10 Partners) category on the basis that it seemed to fit well with our ethos of being One Team rather than focusing on one individual.

When we looked further into the process we realised that there was a lot to cover, but that we also had a lot to talk about.  We decided to apply because, as they say, nothing ventured-nothing gained!

It was a rewarding process in that it made us objectively evaluate our firm and also enabled us to focus on the good things which we were doing.  The more that we started to note down, the more things we thought of which were relevant to the criteria that had been provided.  It also provided an opportunity to take stock of some of the things that we had not perhaps concentrated as much on in the past and therefore which we could look to explore in the future.

We involved our staff in the process of preparing the application and this provided us with a great insight into the way that they saw the firm.  It also allowed us to take stock of just how many very long serving members of staff we have which we felt said a lot about what it was like to work for our firm.

We were delighted to hear that we had been shortlisted.  We didn’t know how popular the awards would be and so we didn’t really have any expectations when we put in our application. DASLS provided us with a “shortlisted” logo which we could use and that started to prompt further discussion about the awards and the recognition that we were receiving.

When considering how the firm should be represented on the night of the awards, we decided that as we are One Team it would only be right for there to be a variety of staff members there from Partner through to Trainee and across all of the offices.  On the night everyone had a wonderful evening enjoying the sociable and friendly atmosphere.  We were thrilled when our name was called out as the winner. The table erupted with cheers and clapping as our staff had already befriended the people around them.  Our award was one of the first to be announced and those attending felt that this set the tone for the rest of the evening.  As was befitting for a firm that focuses on being One Team, all of our staff that were there went up to collect the award.

Since winning the DASLS Law Firm of the Year (1-10 Partner), the weighty trophy has been on prominent display in the receptions across our offices.  Our staff have said how proud they feel to have won the award and how pleased they are that our firm has been recognised for its good work.  We have also had very good feedback from others, including Clients and suppliers, who have been impressed with our new title.  The event has also been very well publicised in the local media which is great as it means that more people will have heard of our success.

We look forward to entering again next year.

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