Guide to what makes a winning entry for 2020

DASLS Legal Awards 2020 


Passion makes a winning entry – sell yourself! 


PREPARING your case 


  • Ensure entry fits with your chosen category 
  • Make sure you understand and meet the criteria. Address as many measures of success as possible i.e. for CSR it’s not just about charitable work but also environmental sustainability 
  • If entering the same category(ies) the following year – think about strategy, progress, what’s new – don’t be afraid to present a business case and demonstrate on-going commitment 
  • Consider involving someone else (freelance PR persons) – either by writing your submission for you and presenting your organisation or nominee better or simply looking over your entry and spotting things you might have missed 
  • It’s all about passion and celebrating the legal profession – if you have an exceptional story to tell, go for it 

THE Dos and Don’ts  


  • Do communicate – articulate better against set criteria 
  • Do spend quality time on your entry …. the Judges will notice! 
  • Avoid narrow and inward-looking 
  • Be bold – don’t play down achievements 
  • Make it easy to read – don’t write an essay or a legal report 
  • When making a team entry, clearly explain what that team did to support one another and the qualities which makes them team of the year together with positive impact on the organisation 
  • Strength and impeccable credentials alone are not sufficient, Judges will also look for character, commitment and enthusiasm – lawyers have a heart and soul too! 

PROVE IT Evidence … be a lawyer … persuade the Judge and Jury 


  • Evidence – this can make the difference between winning and not. Judges need and rely on this to assess against other entries – assess business impact and tell them about results achieved. Data can be compelling too 
  • When telling your success story, be clear and give specific examples 
  • Client feedback is powerful – collate and submit testimonials to support your entry 
  • Your opponents will be putting their case together to win – ensure you explain / evidence why your firm/nominee stands out in your chosen category; the Judges will not be persuaded by nominations which are not supported by evidence or testimonials, preferably both, of the qualities being presented.