Craig Tomes

Craig is Legal Account Director at Commercial Managed IT, a division of The Commercial Group.

Having been in the IT industry for over 25 years, Craig started his career in his mid-teens busily selling Commodore Amiga’s and Atari ST’s! After qualifying and working for a period as an IT trainer he took the move into corporate IT management in his early twenties.

Moving into a consultative role 15 years ago, with a particular focus on the legal sector, Craig has assisted his clients by providing a clear and non-technical understanding of their IT roadmap and strategy. Specialising in the small to mid-market legal world and Managed Services, he has enabled his clients to ensure their IT platforms and associated support are reliable, future proofed and performant. IT is simply an enabler, it should allow legal firms to do what they should be doing, fee earning and billing more efficiently.

In his spare time Craig likes to watch ‘Ready Player One’ (just to reminisce), regularly reminds his kids how “they don’t know they’re born!” and awaits the resurgence of Manic Miner (on tape)….