What makes a winning entry – feedback from 2018 Judging Panel

Communication – articulate better against set criteria

When telling your success story, be clear and give specific examples

Ensure entry fits with your chosen category

Make sure you understand the criteria and address as many measures of success as possible i.e. for CSR it’s not just about charitable work but also environmental sustainability

Ensure you explain /evidence why your firm/nominee stands out in your chosen category; the Judges will not be persuaded by nominations which are not supported by evidence or testimonials, preferably both, of the qualities being presented

If entering same category the following year – think about strategy, progress, what’s new – don’t be afraid to present a business case and demonstrate on-going commitment

Avoid narrow and inward-looking

When making a team entry, clearly explain what that team did to support one another and the qualities which makes them team of the year together with positive impact on the organisation

Collate and submit testimonials to support your entry

Evidence – Judges need and rely on this to assess against other entries – assess business impact and tell them about results achieved

Strength and impeccable credentials alone are not sufficient, Judges will also look for character, commitment and enthusiasm – lawyers have a heart and soul too!