Client Experience


Finalists for this Award are:

Bartons Solicitors Marine Team
Porter Dodson Solicitors and Advisors
Rosie Bracher Solicitors LLP

Client Experience is of paramount importance in the legal profession today.  It is a key differentiator and of huge value to winning and retaining private and commercial clients.

The client experience is about how you communicate your value to clients, how you tailor and deliver your services to create a positive and memorable experience and how you manage client expectations to leave them highly satisfied and wanting to recommend you.

A big part of the client experience is the environment, culture and support you create within the organisation to allow your people to deliver great client experiences.  This includes:

· the client experience training and support you provide,

· the service focused leadership,

· the client led policies and processes you create,

· your research with clients to identify what they value and how they feel about your client experience,

· and how you empower your staff to identify, manage and meet client expectations in the best way possible that the client really values.

Judges will be looking for quality evidence of all of the above points as well as how you measure the success of your client experience and demonstrate continual review, improvement and ongoing innovative ways of creating a client centric firm.